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Spotflux 3.1.5

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Spotflux 3.1.5

Spotflux Review:

 Are you looking to stay anonymous when you are surfing through web pages? Do you live in a country where there are few restrictions in accessing certain websites on the web? Well, if you want to surf anonymously on the internet and want complete internet privacy, then you need to install Spotflux software on your computer. 

 Surf Online Freely

 Spotflux is a free to download software that you need to install on your computer if you prefer to keep your data private and secure while surfing on the web. This software will encrypt your internet connection and will make your IP addresses anonymous when you are surfing on the internet so that there is no risk to your data and your computer when surfing online. The app will be running in the background when you are accessing the web and all the data moving to and from your computer will be through Spotflux servers which scan every data for malware and malicious advertisements and eliminate anything that come across.  

 Key Features

 - It is a small land easy to use application that will always encrypt your internet connection and ensures that your IP address cannot be accessed by anyone from the web. 
 - Plenty of real-time calculations are performed in the cloud to prevent your computer from being soft targets to malicious and malware ads. 
 - You will never have to see any irritating ads popping up on your screen anymore. 
 - You can browse any website on the internet without worrying about spyware, malware and other malicious programs. 
 - The DNSCrypt feature along with OpenDNS will ensure that there will be no DNS spoofing. 


 The Spotflux application on your computer will ensure that you can carry out online shopping without any fear and everything like your passwords, credit card information and personal details will be kept in the dark. You can choose your server location from a wide list of global access points and also use it to block the cookies tracking. The software is very easy to install and ensures secure and private connection every single time you browse. 

 With features like safe browse protection, location selection, unrestricted internet access, mobile data compression and many more, there is no doubt that Spotflux application is a must have tool in every computer that looks for safe and secure internet browsing.

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